Ready to convert your property or portfolio to solar? Sunrun is ready to help, with expert advice and guidance for every stage of the process. Explore the details below.

Phase 1: Solar Feasibility
Together, we determine the property list you and your partners are interested in exploring for solar, and whether a solar option is the right fit for you. Then, we’ll perform a thorough review of your property’s utility information to determine the right customized plan, and forecast what kind of savings you can expect.
Phase 2: Before Install
Once you feel comfortable with your customized Sunrun solar system plan, we begin the planning process to ensure a smooth installation. That includes taking care of all development, permitting, construction planning, financing and operational risk—without encumbrance on title.
Phase 3: Install



Solar panels can do more than support a clean energy future. They can support a brighter future for everyone, every day. As the national leader in multifamily and residential solar, we can help property owners reduce their common area energy costs, protect their property and residents against future energy rate hikes, and provide greater predictability for monthly costs.


Sunrun solar storage gives you the power to generate, store and manage clean, affordable solar energy across all of your properties. And with extra power on-hand, you can even keep critical areas running through outages.

Electric Vehicle Charging

In addition to providing electricity for your EV, Sunrun solar and battery storage can offset the cost of charging your car and can provide crucial back-up power when the grid goes down—keeping your residents safe and comfortable.


All electricity, whether it’s generated through solar or fossil fuels, has to be processed before it can be used in our homes. For most homes, that electricity is processed through the grid using gas. With Sunrun solar systems, electricity is generated onsite, preventing interruptions from downed power lines, and providing you with greater control over energy costs. Plus, it better prepares your property for a full transition from gas to electric

Installing solar on affordable housing can be a very difficult process, but working with Sunrun makes it as easy as it can possibly be.

Katherine Fleming
VP of Portfolio
BRIDGE Houseing

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