Multifamily can lead the way to a clean energy future.

With an unreliable energy grid and the ongoing effects of climate change, our future will depend on our ability to adapt and transform our current energy system. At Sunrun, we work to deploy local solar and batteries at scale to accelerate electrification, and promote decarbonization. By building this foundation in multifamily properties, we are able to help more families gain access to more reliable, affordable clean energy.

Evolving the energy grid.

As our grid continues to age and weather becomes more extreme, the failures of the current energy system will become more and more common—leading to increases in both planned and unplanned outages, and wildfires. By reducing our reliance on the grid, we can help people access more reliable energy that’s built for the future.

Increasing our electrification.

By promoting more widespread adoption of home electrification, we can work toward our decarbonization goals while creating a more reliable energy system. Sunrun is committed to advancing technologies and policies that make this technology more available, in order to do even more good.

Sunrun’s Commitment to Sustainability.

By 2032, we plan to implement a network of solar systems that will offset over 600 million metric tons of carbon emissions over their lifetime.

We are committed to reducing our impact on the planet. That’s why we’ve set a goal to decrease the carbon intensity of our operations by 20% before 2030.

Sunrun has set a goal to achieve net zero carbon emissions across all of our operations by 2040.

We are working to reduce emissions by replacing at least one third of our transportation fleet with electric or hybrid vehicles within 5 years.

We are working to achieve 100% equipment recycling across all of our facilities within the next 5 years.

500 MW of low-income solar
pledged by 2030

Join us in creating a planet run by the sun.

Through thought leadership, policy legislation and dedicated service, we are committed to improving the lives of more families by making the benefits of solar more accessible.

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