Every solar system installed on multifamily housing means greater possibilities for developers and residents. That’s why Sunrun Multifamily is leading the charge in pioneering policies and programs that help even more families benefit.

Sunrun and the SOMAH Program

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Creating the Low-Income Housing Renewable Energy Credit

The Low-Income Housing Renewable Energy Credit (LIHREC), another piece of legislation drafted by Sunrun, expands solar access to low-incoming renters and enables solar arrays 4-5x larger than housing sponsors can afford on their own. Our with this credit is to expand renewable energy to 2.5 million households over 10 years, while creating 10,000 job training opportunities per year for residents..

Renewable energy that creates new jobs

As solar energy continues to become more common, the demand for trained solar professionals will continue to grow. Through partnerships and programs like SOMAH, Sunrun Multifamily is able to offer residents job training and opportunities for the rapidly growing clean energy sector.

“One of the things that interested me about Sunrun is that they offer programs that help you progress and develop yourself to become a certified electrician, whether it’s with residential or commercial.”

Sunrun Installer
GRID Graduate

Leading America to a Clean Energy Future.

Creating a more environmentally sustainable world takes more than solar systems—it takes an ongoing commitment that we renew every day. That’s why, in 2021, Sunrun pledged to bring at least 500 MW of low-income solar to residents across the country by 2030. Through these efforts, we will bring the benefits of solar to hundreds of thousands of families, and take one step closer to a future where everyone has access to affordable, reliable clean power.

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