It’s time your property’s energy worked for you.

As solar has matured, so have the ways it can help power our lives. From panels that protect against rising energy rates, to storage that prevents outages, to EV charging and the electrification of our homes, Sunrun is pioneering new technology that can change the way we live today—and prepare us for all the tomorrows to come.


Solar panels can do more than support a clean energy future. They can support a brighter future for everyone, every day. As the national leader in multifamily and residential solar, we can help property owners reduce their common area energy costs, protect their property and residents against future energy rate hikes, and provide greater predictability for monthly costs.


Sunrun solar storage gives you the power to generate, store and manage clean, affordable solar energy across all of your properties. And with extra power on-hand, you can even keep critical areas running through outages.

Electric Vehicle Charging

In addition to providing electricity for your EV, Sunrun solar and battery storage can offset the cost of charging your car and can provide crucial back-up power when the grid goes down—keeping your residents safe and comfortable.


All electricity, whether it’s generated through solar or fossil fuels, has to be processed before it can be used in our homes. For most homes, that electricity is processed through the grid using gas. With Sunrun solar systems, electricity is generated onsite, preventing interruptions from downed power lines, and providing you with greater control over energy costs. Plus, it better prepares your property for a full transition from gas to electric

How our multifamily solar systems work

Our high-quality solar panels are made of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into DC (direct current) electricity, which is then processed by an inverter to create the type of energy you can use in your home.

Understanding net metering and how it can save you money.

Your solar system’s production and usage are connected. That means when your usage is high (usually during mornings and evenings), production is lower. When usage is lower, production goes up. Using more than you produce causes your electric meter to increase. But when you produce more than you use, it will run in reverse—allowing for maximum efficiency of your system, as you’re never leaving energy on the table.

*Note that NEM is not available in all states. Some states have revised versions, i.e. NEM 2.0.

Project Spotlight:

National Community Renaissance · 90 units

National CORE partnered with the City of Fontana to develop this beautiful, amenity-rich senior housing community in the heart of downtown, completed in 2009. Sunrun Multifamily provided a 264 kW system, enough to lower the property electricity bills by 40% and reduce the average resident’s bill over $20 a month. The extra savings in the property budget allows NatCORE to better fund the amenities and upkeep, and protects both property owner and residents against utility rate inflation.

kWh of electricity a year
Savings in property budget
Upfront Costs

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